Commissioning : the commissioning process

Commissioning an individual maker is a stimulating and special experience. It is the collaborative process of creating a personalised and unique piece of work.

It could be, for example

  • A corporate commission to demonstrate special qualities of identity
  • A gift for a family member, friend or colleague
  • A special birthday or wedding present
  • An anniversary gift
  • A piece for a gallery or corporate collection
  • A sculpture for the garden or a public space
  • A memorial

The Society of Designer Craftsmen is a resource to be used. We can put you in touch with some of the most innovative and talented designer makers, skilful designers who embrace traditional and contemporary techniques in an inspiring way.

Many of our established members have carried out national and international commissions for banks, hospitals, education authorities and many other types of public and corporate clients, as well as for private clients. A well conducted commission is an exciting and ultimately rewarding process for all. Its success relies upon both the designer and the client knowing what to expect from each other at all stages of the process.

How to succeed ?

A successful commission will include the following :

  1. A process that allows for the client to participate in the development of the design. The client is likely to have specific ideas or requirements. The client may also appreciate experiencing some of the actual making.
  2. A process that provides for regular, clear and thorough communication, in one form or another, between the commissioner and the designer maker.
  3. A process that provides for regular updates on the progress of the work. Visits to studios or images of work in progress sent by email or post. This helps to ensure that the end result pleases everyone.
  4. A brief that provides a list of critical aspects and requirements to be taken into consideration. The venue will dictate scale and it may dictate colour, materials and compliance with fire regulations
  5. A contract that includes a list of requirements from both parties, timescale / delivery, pricing, payment terms, specific installation and maintenance requirements, as well as a description of the item to be made. A written contract is essential.

So, if you are considering commissioning one of our designer makers, either contact the Society for advice or, if you already know who you want to commission, then use the direct links to our members provided within this website.