We are the largest and oldest multi-disciplinary Society in the UK and are proud to have as members some of the finest, most exciting and respected designer makers.

Innovation, originality and quality are seen as integral elements of our work, and we believe that this is exactly what visitors to our website will find as they look through these pages.

We look for people who design and make original, beautiful, exciting, challenging works which can be decorative, functional or both.

We expect members to have a strong and innovative design sense with the skills, craftsmanship and sensitivity to materials to make the objects they design.

We don't accept work that is confined within the past tradition or limited to assembling conventional or pre-fabricated components.

We have a selection committee composed of representatives in the fields of the applicants who meet several times a year to consider applications.

Levels of Membership :

Fellow - Any Member distinguished for services in connection with the crafts may be awarded Fellowship at the discretion of Fellows on Council.

Full Membership - Membership is open to individuals personally involved in the design, control and production of finely crafted works. Members are usually established designer makers with several years' experience.

Licentiate Membership - Licentiateship is seen as a period of transition for the new designer maker between leaving University or College and becoming established. Applicants are assessed at the completion of a course of study. Alternatively they may submit their work directly to the Society. Successful applicants are then expected to apply within a period of five years for full membership otherwise their status automatically becomes that of an Associate. Licentiate membership can be extended at the discretion of the selection committee.

Associate Membership - Associate Membership is open to all those with a keen interest in and supportive of the fields of design and fine craftsmanship. No selection process is involved. Associates can participate in all aspects of the Society except for exhibiting and voting at the Annual General Meeting.