Through Life / A través de la Vida

Society member, Tiziana Tateo MSDC, is exhibiting her fiber art work along with 43 other international artists.

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Society member, Tiziana Tateo MSDC, is one of the 44 international artists invited to be part of the exhibition 'Through Life'. The works are primarily red, based on the theme of life and death and what red means for the cultures of the world. Each piece of work measures 80 x 80cm. Tiziana is an Italian fiber artist who, after starting out making quilts about twenty years ago, began research work and personal experiments into the multiple possibilities of manipulating textiles and other materials such as plastic, metal, paper and wire.

'Emotions' fibre art by Tiziana Tateo.


Rogelio Salmona Cultural Centre, main gallery


20 Sep 2023 to 27 Oct 2023

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Further information can be found here: El rojo se toma el Centro Cultural Rogelio Salmona con la exposición 'A través de la vida' (