Press Release: Excellence from the Society of Designer Craftsmen at Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester

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The Society of Designer Craftsmen is proud to present their 2021 summer exhibition, Excellence at the Oxmarket Gallery. With almost a year of unexpected studio time to explore and experiment, members of the Society have created a new collection of contemporary craft. Combining innovative thought with supreme craftsmanship, over 30 artists have been selected to showcase their highly original and inspiring work including textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, paper, silver and jewellery.

Established in 1887, The Society of Designer Craftsmen continues to promote and support the work of creative thinkers, designers and makers who innovate through the exploration of materials and skills in their own creative field.

‘Excellence’ exemplifies the high standards of the Society and is being held in the magnificent buildings of Chichester’s historical Oxmarket Gallery, a deconsecrated medieval church full of light in the heart of the city.

Kate Mason, the new Chair of the Society of Designer Craftsmen says,

"We live in an increasingly tumultuous period of history and rapid change which, whilst presenting challenges, also offers immense opportunity. Against this backdrop of change lies a consideration of shifting social values and a major reappraisal of the central role of creativity and making. New thinking in innovation, in design, and in expression – ‘thinking through making’. The Society of Designer Craftsmen has always pioneered in this field, utilising and reimagining materials to create considered, beautifully crafted, aspirational, and sustainable work. From its inception in 1887, it continues to advocate for the role and value of craft, and works to support the next generation of makers, designers, innovators, and creative thinkers and change-makers.

With that in mind, we are delighted that our forthcoming exhibition ‘Excellence’ will be held in the wonderfully luminous and recently refurbished Oxmarket Gallery."

"The Oxmarket is thrilled to have the Society of Designer Craftsmen return and exhibit again. Their programme of live craft demonstrations is outstanding providing a fascinating insight into the making behind the pieces on display and excellence of their work." added Sophie Hull, Chair, Oxmarket Gallery.

The works selected for this exhibition reflect the skills, ambition and creativity of members of this renowned Society. All work will be for sale and commissions are undertaken.