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The pieces of sculpture Alan Yates produces are generally related to aspects of the human figure and to the range of life situations which affect the individual; he also explores moods and feelings resulting from the interaction of figure groups with their immediate surroundings.
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The domestic or corporate interior tends to suit the scale of the limited edition bronze pieces where they create visual impact and are thought provoking for the people who live or work around them.

These personal expressions in bronze are not limited to one particular scale. They can be enlarged to virtually any size if required, for garden / landscape use, as water features or architectural features relating to buildings and the urban environment.

Some of the small / medium sized pieces would lend themselves for use as awards, trophies or memorials for private, corporate or public presentation.

In addition to bronze, other material options are available to order, particularly for smaller scale items. Frosted cast glass, 22ct gold, silver, gold plated bronze and resin bronze are all available to special order.

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An established sculptor with over forty eight years experience, Alan Yates enjoys the challenges and excitement of working with cast metal, mainly bronze. His pieces of sculpture explore the spatial relationships, nuances of body language and those ephemeral moments and feelings experienced by people in a variety of situations. His skill lies in transferring a frozen moment in time into cast metal with all the range of tactile vocabulary , colour patination and textural variation at his disposal.

After achieving artistic success as a student at Durham University, he was involved in art education while continuing to produce his own work. His abilities soon earned him election to The Society of Designer Craftsmen, The Royal Society of British Sculptors and The Royal Society of Arts.

He has exhibited both nationally and internationally in public, group and one-man shows including the following:

Royal Academy - London; Royal Scottish Academy - Edinburgh; Royal Cambrian Academy - Conwy; The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts; The Royal West of England Academy - Bristol; Manchester Academy; Paris Salon; Northern Open Touring Exhibition; Chelsea Harbour - London; Scone Palace - Perth; Newcastle University; Durham University; Edinburgh; York; Swansea University; Grantham; Stratford upon Avon; South Shields; Mall Galleries - London.

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