Anna Steiner MSDC

Stitched & Constructed Textiles

About Anna
Anna's background is in theatre design; costume and decor. Ideas are used from this discipline for constructed, textile based pieces with balance and poise. The themes cover notions of circus, myth and theatre.
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Printed textiles was the beginning for Anna's non theatre work and developed from printing the velvet for the musical, Evita. The love of silks and velvets inspired all things wearable and decoration for interiors so still a vision of decor and costume continued. Direct screen printing with stencils create a painted impression where layers of colour give the vibrant result.

The decor (3 Dimensional) side of theatre started to emerge as stretched textile 'sculptures' work with tension and balance, drawing on themes of acrobats and other magical movements.

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Central School of Art and Design. MA spatial Culture middlesex University 2000

5 years experience as designer in theatre. Initial production at 'the Other Place' Stratford on Avon Lear dir buzz Goodbody. School for Clowns with Ken Campbell. Several jobs printing textiles for Evita led on to a business in 'one off' printed textiles with scarves and fashion being the main products.

Open University Commission 'Light Matter'

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