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About Aurora
Working from her Cambridgeshire studio Aurora combines traditional silversmithing, glass fusing and ceramic bead making techniques with a contemporary aesthetic to create a range of one-off pieces and limited edition jewellery collections. Inspired by the wonderful interplay between colours, patterns and textures found in nature, Aurora often incorporates metallic lustres, etched patterns and colorful textile elements to add contrast and interest to her designs. Recently Aurora's work has been expanding to include a range of ceramic hanging decorations and small wall art pieces.
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Aurora is an Italian molecular biologist-turned-jeweller. Largely self-taught, she took up jewellery-making and glass fusing back in 2003 after giving up her research work in biology to dedicate more time to her two young children.

Aurora aims to create contemporary jewellery pieces that make a statement and draw attention while remaining practical and comfortable to wear. She work mainly with silver, glass & porcelain combining the techniques of glass fusing and ceramic bead making with traditional metal fabrication.

Inspiration seems to strike from all sorts of places: an architectural feature, the textures and colours of the natural world, a landscape element, but a couple of emerging themes for Aurora at the moment are science and biology.

Colours, patterns and textures have always fascinated Aurora and this reflects on her jewellery designs. She make frequent use of bold dichroic glass accents which she creates in a kiln through a high temperature fusing process and use as a medium to add colour and bring contrast to the metal qualities of the silver. To balance the richness of the glass, she keeps her silverwork simple, using slim lines, clean geometrical shapes and simple stylised natural forms.

After having held a Licentiate membership for a few years, Aurora was awarded full MSDC status of the Society in 2014

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Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 "Creative Reactions" - Part of Pint of Science festival, Cambridge

2017 "Creative Reactions" - Part of Pint of Science festival, Cambridge

2016 "Creative Reactions" - Part of Pint of Science festival, Cambridge

2015 "Creative Reactions" - Part of Pint of Science festival, Cambridge

2009-2010 The jewellery roadshow ACJ Cambridge group exhibition, Primavera Gallery, Cambridge

2008 "Christmas Crackers" Group Exhibition . Millennium Galleries Sheffield

2008 "ACJ- Cambridge Autumn launch exhibition" Haddenham Galleries . Haddenham. Cambridgeshire

2007 "All that Glitter" Group Exhibition . Oriel Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery Bangor, Wales

2007 "Christmas Chracker" Group Exhibition . Millennium Galleries Sheffield

2006 "Inspired by ..." Exhibition -Victoria and Albert Museum - Kensington, London

2004 UNWRAPPED '04 Christmas exhibition, Babylon gallery, ELY

2004 "Silver accents" Individual Exhibition . Wensley Gallery Ramsbottom,Bury Lancashire

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