Daniel Calderwood LSDC

Metal Work

About Daniel
Daniel is a dynamic artist, having high expectations of himself and of his work, he takes pride in creating unique and original pieces. As a fast and predominantly kinaesthetic learner, Daniel always enjoys a new challenge or adventure, considering himself an experimentalist (will try most things just to see what happens) and always looking for new creative outlets in which to nurture this trait. As long as he is making inspiring objects with his hands, he is pretty content.
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Daniels life, and subsequently his work, are heavily influenced by the instinctive and the coincidental, drawn to nature by its utter perfection, delicate yet tenacious. He aims to reconnect with the primitive human subconscious and form a dialogue concerned with the way natural order and sponteneity influences the creative process.

Daniel works as an organism grows, governed by basic rules to retain order but driven by instinct, intuition and improvisation.

Process led, his materials are never forced, but are nurtured into their ideal forms. Steel, in particular, is a material that has incredible duality; delicacy and plasticity, but, at the same time, strength and endurance. Merging natural intuition and technical ability, pieces are developed through repetition; physical form through evolution, as if the work itself were a species.

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2011-2014 Hereford College of Arts-Hereford; BA(hons) Artist Blacksmithing 2:1

2006-2008 University College of Art & Design – Canterbury; B-TEC Diploma: Art/Design (specialised in 3D Design) MMM (3x merit), Certificate in Graphic Art: Level 3


2013-present Self employed- artist/temporary events creative installations (UK and South Africa)

2017-present partner in ‘The Land’, artist retreat and reforestation project, Knysna, South Africa

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