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About Euan
Euan's work reflects our relationship with everyday shapes and objects-things we use all the time, articles that we take for granted. He is interested in reinterpreting the familiar to create pieces that blur the line between art and design. Euan wants to take a closer look at forms and shapes that he has grown up with and transform them into visual objects in a different context. Altering their scale and manipulating their function enables a completely different interaction and relationship. The notion of practicality, as seating, invites the viewer into a more intimate dialogue.
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The notion of practicality, as seating invites the viewer into a more intimate dialogue. It is important to Euan that there is this personal communication with the work.

It is also essential to Euan that his work is recognisable. Shapes that are known, materials that are appropriate, all add to the relationship between the viewer and the work. It is also vital that the work is durable. The choice of materials is always important.

Euan's work can be seen at Sculpture at Goodwood [].

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Art Education

1988-1991 Degree BA[Hons]. Three dimensional design. Northumbria Univ.
1986-1988 College Diploma. Three dimensional design. Worthing Art College.

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