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About Jessica
A contemporary ceramicist creating slipcast porcelain vessels coloured with repurposed glass frit and oxides. Each piece is hand polished to a high shine creating a contrast between the interior and exterior and making the vessels intriguing to both look at and hold. Every piece is unique and inspired by a series of architectural illustrations that sit alongside the drawings.
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Jessica Sian's aim is to create unique, handmade pieces for the home that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. She is inspired by a love of architectural illustration and a desire to colour clay in an alternative way to the traditional glazing methods. By incorporating recycled glass in her clay she not only colours the body but creates contrasting textures on the interior and exterior of them making them interesting to hold as well as visually appealing. Her illustrations inspire the ceramic forms, as well as being pieces of art in their own right.

Jessica has always loved to draw, for as long as she remembers, being able to pick up a pen and create something beautiful has filled her with joy. As she grew up she discovered a whole world of materials aside from pens and paper. It is from here that her passion for ceramics stemmed, immersing herself in ceramic projects during her Art A-Level and then progressing on to study Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University. Seeing Dale Chihuly's blown glass pieces on a school museum trip led to an interest in glass and her degree allowed this interest to develop, providing workshops in both glass and ceramics. She became interested in how the two materials changed in the kiln and whether they could be combined to create something beautiful. This curiosity led to her creating ranges of unique slipcast porcelain vessels. The pieces explore the relationship between glass and ceramics, using repurposed bottle glass and oxides to colour the clay and create pattern rather than traditional glazing methods. Each piece is carefully hand polished after firing to give the exteriors a high shine and smooth feel. This contrasts against the raw interiors. Due to the nature of the materials and process each piece is unique. The pieces are designed to stand either alone or in small clusters allowing owners to create their own collection to fit any space.

Drawing is another passion of Jessica's. It inspires everything she makes. She finds there to be something rather therapeutic about sitting with a pen and paper for hours creating her own intricate illustrations. The majority of her illustrative work is based on architecture, more specifically that of European cities she's had the opportunity to visit. These illustrations act as inspiration for the ceramics, with certain shapes, colour palettes and even patterns extracted from the drawings and used to develop the ceramic forms. The two bodies of work can be displayed both individually and simultaneously; whilst there are visible links between many pieces both the ceramics and illustrations can stand alone.

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First Class Honours Degree in Decorative Arts from Nottingham Trent University, 2016

Potclay's Silver Student Award at Art in Clay 2016

Licentiate member of Society of Designer Craftsmen

Member of Thaxted Potters

'Totally New' Exhibition Sea Pictures Gallery, Clare, 2017

Annual Graduate Show 2017, Bevere Gallery, Worcester, 2017

Christmas Exhibition, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016

'Portal' Exhibition Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, 2016

Art in Clay, Hatfield House, 2016

New Designers, Business Design Center, London, 2016

53 Degrees, Nottingham Trent University, 2016

Segment , Nottingham Trent University, 2016

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