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Jules makes creative and functional experimental ceramics in her Essex studio.
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With a background in psychology, Jules is fascinated by the way people interpret their life experiences. The content of the story is often of little import in a therapy context: rather it is the individual's reading of the event that impacts both mental and physical health, frequently for many years after.

Over the past decade this interest in personal narrative has been a key influence on her art work. During this time she has explored major life events - the impact of surgery on body image; dealing with an ageing parent with dementia- and the more mundane day-to-day experiences - clearing a cupboard and finding family heirlooms; childhood trips to visit grandparents; writing a shopping list.

The work usually comprises two parts: an exploration using photography, sculpture, or installation and an accompanying text which presents one, fairly neutral, stance on the event in question allowing it to be read in different ways.

Many of these 'case studies' have been inspired by found objects which have caused the anthropologist in Jules to start asking questions, delving into their secret history to create a fictional narrative. Other works start from a real event and evolve in the making.

"There is no one true version of events: everything is open to interpretation."

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Jules has a Foundation Certificate in Art and Design, a BA hons in Fine Art and a Diploma in Ceramics.

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