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About Lilly
Lilly's stoneware and porcelain ceramic forms are a unique mix of wheel thrown pottery and hand built sculpture that depict British wildlife asleep within the flora (such as foxtail and Yorkshire fog). The inspiration for Lilly's sculptures evoke the golden age of British children's illustration, such as Beatrix Potter and Walter Crane (Aesop’s Fables). Lilly's work is also an ode to the ceramics industry, which she has grown to love. This being the sculpture, wheel thrown pottery and the sgraffito techniques used to create each piece.
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Starting from the ground up, with a passion to create art thats feels at home

Entirely self taught, Lilly has been working with ceramics since she can remember. First discovering the joys of clay whilst playing in the farmer's fields where her mother kept horses. Lilly would entertain herself by sculpting animals out of the raw clay and allowing the sun to dry each piece. Little did she know this would become a life long obsession.

Later in life Lilly adapted her artistic skills into a 15-year career within the digital industry, directing a team of independent website designers and developers and creating one of the industries leading multinational white label digital agencies.
Although successful, Lilly never felt fully fulfilled in the day to day and would often return to her passion of ceramic sculpture, studying every aspect (from mass production to modern techniques) as a hobby.

In 2019 Lilly decided to take the plunge and focus her spare time creating a range of small ceramic gifts to sell at the local artisan markets. Since that day she has been blessed to find a strong client base, who have been keen to see Lilly's sculptural forms evolve into the gallery range she offers today.

In brief, Lilly's work is an accumulation of her childhood, her love of the ceramics industry and the encouragement received from the wonderful artisan community around her.

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Lilly works on a white label basis for many interior designers, looking for one of a kind sculptural forms that depict a unique take on the British countryside but are also contemporary and beautiful to look at. Her most notable of which are her range of stoneware and porcelain snakes. The largest being a 1ft. long cobalt and malachite python.

Lilly's commercial work can be found at the following galleries:

  • Gallery 23 in New Mills Derbyshire
  • Arc Gallery in Chester
  • Handmade Design in Ashbourne
  • Dotty Gallery in Melton Mowbrey
  • Found Gallery in Dunbar
  • Brightwater Gallery in Alnwick
  • Artisan Gallery in The Cotswolds
  • Fisherton Mill in Salisbury
  • Eden Gallery in Parbold
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