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M M Adams handbuilds in stoneware and porcelain clays. For her, coiling is integral to capturing a natural shape complementary to her sculptural forms. It gives her time to consider how the motifs and vase can integrate symbiotically. The tactile quality of clay turns thought into form. Iconography from tales, legends, and myths embellishes the work. Her ceramics chronicle the world around us as well as our impact on it. Her latest series, The Reckoning, incorporates What Lies Below, What Lies Beside, What Lies Above, and What Lies Beyond - explorations of the worlds that surround us.
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M M Adams has lived in London for the last 20 years but returns home every year to Wyoming, USA. Wide open spaces and the soaring peaks of the Mountains induce clarity of thought and the space to contemplate themes she explores in her work. She is inspired by the landscapes that have been shaped by time in much the same way as the kiln shapes clay. The trivia of urban living fades in this environment and ideas can be stripped back to their essential features, becoming clearer.

After a career in film production, she came to ceramics when she needed time away from a young family. She started with one evening a week and soon graduated into degree courses. She was interested in what could be conveyed through clay. In the same way a film can condense a story into 2 hours, she looks to distil stories and messages about contemporary life and concerns into her ceramic work. She generally likes to pick an overarching theme, which she views as the book, with sub-themes forming the chapters where a deeper exploration occurs. Her choices are informed by myths, tales and legends; how they shape who we are and how we in turn reshape the world. Her latest works (grouped under The Reckoning) look at the worlds that co-exist around us – above, below, beside and beyond often using iconography from myths to portray these hidden worlds and their denizens.

She builds her work in stoneware and porcelain, often playing with the limitations of clay which can create unforeseen results and make a piece truly unique. She likes to imbue her pots with a painter’s palette of colour as she feels it gives them the kind of life and vibrancy found in the world. She hopes her works will open a dialogue, begin a conversation.

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Work exhibited at V&A 2001 'Inspired By' competition

Completed degree from City & Guilds in 2003

Work exhibited at V&A 2004 'Inspired By' competition

Exhibitor at Chelsea Art Society Summer Show

Exhibitor at London Potters

Exhibitor at New Designers 2016

Completed BTEC degree and Professional Development at Kensington & Chelsea College

Member London Potters

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