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About Natalie
Natalie Tobert’s fantastic contemporary sculptures embody mythic beings and mysterious places. Her innovative forms constantly surprise us. They are inspired by the transformation between human and shamanic elements: women transmuting into birds, architectural forms containing spirit of place. Sculptures are held in private collections in UK, France, Italy and USA.
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Sculptures are inspired by transformation and shamanic change. They are hand built with a grogged clay, using coil, slab and paddling techniques. Making requires profound patience, as items are created over many weeks, with a gentle drying phase. Coated with a dry ilmenite glaze, some sculptures look as if they are wind blown by shifting sands of Sahara Desert. Fired to stoneware temperatures in an oxidising kiln, they are suitable for home, patio, or garden.

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Natalie is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of Society of Designer Craftsmen, Harrow Open Studios, and the London Potters. She has a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Kingston University, a teaching certificate specialising in ceramics, and a PhD in the ethno-archaeology of potters in Sudan.

Natalie Tobert’s sculptures were in a solo exhibition with a Chinese Cultural Centre in London: “Spiritual Reflexion” with LMOAS (London Mandarin Arts On-line Space). She has also exhibited in MadeinBritain at Kew Gardens, Pall Mall Sculpture Galleries in central London, The Mall Galleries, and at Chelsea College of Art with Flux 2018. She participated in an International Ceramic Festival at Faenza in Italy, and a Ceramic Fair at Haacht in Belgium, at the invitation of the organisers. Her sculptures are in private collections in Europe and USA.

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