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Neal Crampton is a furniture designer and maker based on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. He produces furniture to contemporary designs. These designs feature clean lines and simple forms that aim to incorporate the natural colour and grain of the wood into the work. This emphasises the natural beauty of the wood and results in an honest and durable piece of furniture. The work does not strive to be trend setting; instead the aim is to create pieces of furniture with an integrity that will outlast current fashions.
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The workshop employs techniques both modern and traditional. The efficiency of modern machining gives the freedom to concentrate on the traditional hand tool methods that define and differentiate a piece of fine handmade furniture; hand planed surfaces that invite the touch and traditionally constructed drawers that glide rather than rattle. The workshop is increasingly exploring methods to exploit the beauty of solid wood in situations where the instability of solid wood has typically led to the use of veneers. When using solid wood the grain is implicit to the pieces structure. This results in a more honest, complete piece of furniture.

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Neal began his career as a furniture maker with private training in Scotland. Since then he has developed Neal Crampton Furniture as a nationally recognised furniture maker with private and public clients nationwide as well as overseas.

His work has been exhibited widely at respected exhibitions such as Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design, Designer Crafts at the Mall and Craft Open.

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