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Mixed Media

About Samantha
Samantha Wadham also refers to William Morris as she describes the woven inspiration behind her striking sculptural lighting. Design can be beautiful for beauty's sake but it can also tell a story and gives a contemporary twist to floral imagery and the humble wallpaper pattern as she creates art for the home using the metaphors and meanings of flowers interpreting William Morris ' textiles, amongst other things, through different materials and media, including paper, spray paints, pen and, with striking effect, 3D metalwork.
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Her floral depictions explore not just blossoming beauties but also disregarded weeds seeing in this a reflection of society today and telling the story of her own social commentary: from a young age her observations of friends and family with their life stories unfolded like flowers: secrets, trust and relationships. 'I wanted to portray what I saw and heard into plant silhouette imagery' she explains, 'So started with observational drawing transferred onto card and then curved them to create a 3D design, rising from the paper to create the feeling of growth.' The designs are then cut from metal and styled with a plasma cutter, filed and spray-painted before being curving into large 3D wall-coverings and other pieces

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Norwich University end show (BA hons in surface design ) 2013

(New Designers) London - 2013

(The Big Art Show) Shropshire- arts fair 2014

(Kalopsia, collective exhibition) - Edinburgh 2014

( my own show, Interior Growth ) - Didcot 2015

(large scale commission, Upside-down Christmas tree) - The prince of wales, Didcot 2016

( Oxfordshire Art-weeks) Stanford- in the vale- 2016

(Parallax Art Fair) February Chelsea town hall-2017

(Parallax Art Fair) October Chelsea town hall-2017

(The Great Divide) politic art show Oxford- 2018

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