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About Toby
Toby really enjoys creating interesting furniture and accessories for the home primarily using wood, veneer and other materials. Structure, material, form and, above all, function are key to his design philosophy.
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There is a wide variety of ideas in Toby's work. Many include marquetry decorative motifs in trompe l'oeil, or repeated patterns to enhance. Other works celebrate ideas of structure and construction to provide interest.
Taking ideas from the visual clues we see in everyday life, including architectural, structural or mechanical details. Accidental or chaotic events, such as splashes, fallen leaves or waves all provide source material for designs.

Recent ideas of direct stain, applied by hand, to create decorative patterns is a high risk, immediate yet controlled technique in its early stages of development.

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Toby studied at the Royal College of Art and set up his workshop in 1981 in King's Lynn. He has taught at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, in Maine, USA and is a tutor in the Short Course programme at West Dean College in Sussex.

Toby's work is on display at several galleries around the UK including Roger Bilcliffe, Glasgow; Artifex, Sutton Coldfield and Collier Dobson in Fordingbridge. He also exhibits with Contemporary and Country and with the Suffolk Crafts Society.

Recent commissions include two benches for King's Lynn Preservation Trust to commemorate Margery Kempe and Fanny Burney.

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