Huff and Puff

For this solo exhibition, machine embroiderer Vivienne Beaumont MSDC is sharing a new series of narrative stitched textiles inspired by fairy tales.

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Huff and Puff is the result of Vivienne's research into mycelium, nature's composting systems. Vivienne was fascinated by the process and possibility of transforming golden harvest waste into compostable packaging and insulation. This process proves that organic materials have the potential to replace the petrochemical products filling landfill.

"I use fairy tales for a new narrative inspired by my research. Figures are huffing and puffing, blowing spores referencing the three little pigs, who built with straw, twigs and bricks, while the maiden works to spin straw into gold." – Vivienne Beaumont


Llantarnam Grange
St David's Road
NP44 1PD


6 May 2023 to 29 Jul 2023

Opening Times

Monday - Saturday, 9.30 - 16.00


Free admission