Reinvented: The Art of Upcycling

Creating beautiful art from unwanted rubbish, this exhibition celebrates work which makes best use of things artists find – including newspaper, driftwood, old cutlery and tin.

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Making art from found or previously used material is not a new phenomenon, but it has become very topical with the current focus on green issues. Old and discarded objects provide jumping off points for fantastically creative work and the artists in this exhibition draw inspiration from old books and magazines, cardboard boxes, empty tins and bent cutlery, driftwood and old fabrics.

Artists include Society member Naomi Beevers (MSDC), Adam Robinson, Celia Lewis, Christine Hopkins, Dee Evans, Hannah Battershell, Rachel Sumner, Stephane Godec, Tudor Evans, Juanita Humphris and Zoe Rubens.


Watts Gallery - Artists' Village
Down Lane
Surrey, GU3 1DQ


22 Jun 2023 to 3 Sep 2023

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Free Admission