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Society member Aran Illingworth has a gallery space at the exhibition, along with the "62 Group" which includes Society members Sumi Perera FSDC, Jan Beaney FSDC, Jean Littlejohn FSDC, Debbie Lyddon MSDC, Sue Stone FSDC and Helen Banzhaf MSDC.

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Aran Illingworth - Hanging on the Thread: Portrayal of Poverty The series of works selected for this exhibition by Society Member Aran Illingsworth tell the stories of individuals whose voices would otherwise go unheard – women and children struggling with poverty, refugees from deprivation and war, and homeless people struggling for survival on the streets. Aran set out from the start in her practice more than ten years ago to focus mainly on certain key themes – women and children in poverty, homelessness, and displacement – and to harness her passion around these topics to help the victims of these conditions by advocating on their behalf. As an artist, a key part of her role is to highlight social issues by depicting them in her work, in an attempt to draw the public’s attention to the challenges involved.

62 Group at 60 - Essence The 62 Group of Textile Artists was formed sixty years ago in 1962 and was known as ‘The 62 Group of Embroiderers’. In this sixtieth anniversary exhibition, members explore the essence of their textile practice. What is the intrinsic nature of their creative work? What is it that motivates and inspires? What is fundamental to their thinking and making? The exhibition features one small work (measuring no more than 30 x 30 x 30cm) from each member, encapsulating the essence of their individual practice.


Alexandra Palace, London


6 Oct 2022 to 9 Oct 2022

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Find more details on the Knitting & Stitching show and other exhibiting artists on the show's website here.


Madonna & Child by Aran Illingworth