Weaving Creative Textures on 8 Shafts

Aimed at weavers who want to further their knowledge and skills, this workshop explores ways of creating texture in weaving using yarns, structures and the role of colour.

Event details


Working on looms that are pre-warped we will examine and explore ways of creating texture in shaft weaving. You will take home the samples you have woven on the different warps, together with a set of handouts.

We will explore how to create texture in weaving as an alternative to pattern. Using a wide range of yarns; plain and textured you will be able to weave samples on the various looms set up. Each loom will have a different type of warp on it in different materials. Learning in a small group environment you will learn about the effects you can create and what things you need to consider. Charlotte Grierson is an award winning weaver who has been teaching practical weaving for over 15 years.


Studio 306, Cockpit
18-22 Creekside
Deptford, London SE8 3DZ


16 Sep 2023 to 16 Sep 2023

Opening Times

10.00 to 16.30


Workshop price £145.00 including all materials. For booking or information use this link: Creative texture on 8 shafts – Charlotte Grierson