Winter Open Exhibition 2023

Vivienne Beaumont MSDC will be one of over 40 artists taking part in this exhibition in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Event details


Textile artist Vivienne will be exhibiting her piece 'Elen of the Ways.' Elen though lost to us today, is probably our most ancient British goddess and is best known for her appearance in the Mabinogion. She is the protector of roads, paths and the energies that flow through the land, including underground and overground waterways, ley lines and spiritual paths, and is traditionally depicted as antlered. For Vivienne she is a perfect figure to represent a guardian of all those who journey through life, which is a central theme in her work. Our ancestors followed the migration tracks of reindeer: these are Elen's trackways. They follow geological lines and ancient boundaries. The message is simple and very resonant today: our ancestors knew they belonged to the land - rather than it belonging to them.

The gallery will be hosting celebratory drinks on Saturday the 11th of November between 1-4pm.


Heart of the Tribe Art Gallery
74 High Street
Glastonbury, Somerset


10 Nov 2023 to 23 Dec 2023

Opening Times

11.00 - 17.00


Free admission

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