British Glass Biennale 2024

SDC members Hannah Gibson, Cathryn Shilling and Jane Littlefield selected for the British Glass Biennale 2024.

The Society of Designer Craftsmen are delighted to announce that glass artists Hannah Gibson, Cathryn Shilling and Jane Littlefield have had their work selected for the British Glass Biennale 2024. One hundred and twenty-one artists have been selected to present the most interesting, diverse and outstanding glass art made in the UK in the last two years.

Hannah's 'Recycling Narratives Triptych' has three 27cm tall, cast glass Sweet Nothings. The first figure is made from 100% recycled television glass, the second recycled glass with watch part inclusions, the third recycled didymium glass.

The revolutionary float glass process launched by Pilkington in 1958 has given uniform thickness and flat surfaces to modern windows. Huge constructions of glass and steel have arisen in cities around the world and are often perceived as a symbol of development and affluence.

In London, where Cathryn lives, the skyline is constantly changing yet there are so many empty and unused buildings despite the housing crisis.

For 'Ghost Town' she has developed a way of creating thick complex structures by kiln casting lengths of clear glass rods. The full installation of 16 buildings measures 180cm wide x 50cm high x 30cm deep. The light plays on their surfaces as if on contemporary buildings and when grouped together the pieces reference a city skyline.

'Ghost Town' (detail) photo by Agata Pec.

Jane's stained glass triptych is made using traditional stained glass techniques, some of the glass is from recycled greenhouse glass. It is painted with kiln-fired glass paints, silver stain and enamels.

It is a symbol of hope that our ancient deities and folklore will protect our forests and rivers despite the current challenges facing nature.