Gane Trust Award for Excellence

Each year the Gane Trust gives an Award for Excellence to a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen taking part in their annual exhibition. This year the prize was awarded to textile artist Marian Jazmik (MSDC).

This year textile artist, Marian Jazmik MSDC, was awarded the prize of £500 at WONDER, the Society's exhibition at Oxmarket Contemporary, Chichester.

The judges looked for innovation, high quality of workmanship and work that challenged the audience to think around perceptions of Craft in the wider world of the Arts.

Creating abstract textile art inspired by the shapes and textures of the natural environment, Marian is led by experimentation, her work evolves into highly textured 3D sculptures, wall pieces and vessels. The manipulation, construction and deconstruction of fabrics principally by heat, along with the inclusion of mixed materials otherwise destined for landfill are a key feature of her work.

Marian said:

'I am absolutely delighted to receive this award for excellence following the exhibition of my work at the 'Wonder' Exhibition with the prestigious Society of Designer Craftsmen. It was a total surprise and I was so pleased, not only to have won the award but also to see textile art recognised as fine art/craft along with all other media.'