Habatat Detroit Award of Excellence

SDC member Hannah Gibson MSDC receives Award of Excellence

We are delighted to announce that glass artist Hannah Gibson has been awarded the Habatat Detroit Award of Excellence for 'Recycling Narratives, Ten green Bottles'.

Each piece is cast from 100% recycled glass:

Botanicals - recycled Neals Yard Remedies bottles
All Aboard Amber - recycled railway signal lenses
Casting Call
- recycled glass with textile inclusions
All Aboard, Cyan - recycled railway signal lenses
me & Tide wait for None
- recycled glass with watch part inclusions
Didymium - recycled Didymium glass
Cohesion - recycled car windshields/windscreens
Celebration - recycled Pierre Joule bottles
Without Pixels Behind - recycled Bang & Olufsen television screens
Tangible Hope - recycled Covid vaccination vials.

The award was made by the Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in the USA.

Information: Hannah Gibson ยป Artist - Habatat