SDC 2018: Pollie Weiss Prize 2018 awarded to Linda Lideka (LSDC)

John Weiss is pleased to announce that this year's Pollie Weiss Prize, awarded to a new Licentiate exhibiting in the Society's annual show for the use of colour in textiles, goes to Linda Lideka.

Linda Lideka is a BA Hons graduate of the School of the Arts in the University of Northampton. Pollie Weiss, the late mother of Council member John Weiss, was the daughter of an immigrant Polish tailor, designing for him at an early age and later dressing the whole family. She encouraged John in all his creative work, and in her later years visited the Society's shows with great enthusiasm, frail but with her mental faculties intact up to her death in her 99th year, and showing particular interest in the work of the newest members.