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Nelson Were is a designer and craftsman of leather bags and accessories. All of his original and trendsetting designs are exclusively designed and lovingly handcrafted by Nelson Were himself. Each piece is individually handmade to order using traditional leather craft techniques and high quality leather sourced from businesses within Great Britain. Nelsons work is greatly appreciated by collectors for his attention to detail, clever combinations of colour, textiles and leather, geometrical shapes, clean lines and beautiful linings.
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Time and Travel Collection 2018 by Nelson Were

Growing up in Kenya I was continuously inspired by British tourists on safari driving Land Rover Defender cars. This influenced my choice to use materials from iconic British cars such as the Land Rover Defender and MG convertible. I design the bags to reflect classic British stylishness as well as being practical, lightweight, robust and durable. A car rooftop fabric possesses all the qualities needed for an exceptional, long lasting, lifetime bag. I was delighted to discover a British company that supplies these materials to the car industry, including the padded Land Rover logo fabric formerly used on the car seats of the Land Rover Defender, that has now sadly been discontinued. The logo fabric that remains is the very last that exists and therefore it makes my bags limited edition and even more unique. Other car textiles I use are Land Rover roof canvas, MG Mohair roofing and classic British quilted wax cotton. Using a fusion of modern and traditional leatherworking techniques, I combine these amazing textiles with high quality leather and hair-on hides to handcraft my designs that are full of character, colour and texture to bring a contemporary twist. I use interesting linings to ensure my bags are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Another design feature in my current work has been influenced by the clock. I appreciate the geometrical shapes and angles formed by the face and hands of the clock. These elements are incorporated into some of the pieces using tailoring techniques as a poignant reminder that time is precious! The clock is always ticking and moving on and we should enjoy and make the most of time we have.

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2011 Diploma ART & DESIGN Canterbury University for the Creative Arts

2014 BA Hons FASHION DESIGN Rochester University for the Creative Arts

2014 Final Shortlist entrant for London Graduate Fashion Week representing Rochester UCA

2016 Final Shortlist for New Designers -One Year On

2017 Finalist for KWIB Awards (Business partner/wife Jenny )

2017 Earth soul and spirit Exhibition at PIe Factory Gallery Margate

2017 December Canterbury Christmas Craft Market

2018 May- Make it British 2018 exhibitor

2018 July -Society of Designer Craftsmen 'Hand of the Maker' gallery exhibition

2018 May- July Canterbury Makers Project (shop in Whitefriars)

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