John Plater Honorary Fellow

Wood Carving & Turning

About John
John Plater is a self taught woodturner. The vast majority of the timber is sourced locally, often taken from the gardens of people met at Craft Shows. Most of the work is based on natural edged hollowed forms. Timber which has interesting grain patterns and contrasting colours are the ones which are sought out. Timber defects such as burrs, whorls and staining will often produce striking effects.
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Most of the work is based on natural edged hollowed forms made from timber “in the round”. Simple shapes without decoration, colour or texture are used to allow the subtleties of the grain to come through. Bark, sapwood, staining, cracks and voids in the timber are often incorporated into a piece. The pieces are usually made from unseasoned timber which may distort as it dries out. Using a lathe imposes a circular geometry to a piece, mother nature then takes the shape back for herself ! This type of work is more about the timber than it is the woodturning.

Sometimes a piece will be designed to experiment with other styles and techniques of woodturning, often in response to a competition brief or just to try out different ideas. The wood still plays a major part in these pieces but the woodturning is much more complex.

All of the pieces are sanded to a very fine finish and are then treated with a coat of hard wax oil to protect the timber, give a satin sheen and silky smooth tactile surfaces. The pieces were conceived as decorative items but many have found a range of different uses !

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John Plater is an active member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, the Sussex Guild, The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and Southdowns Woodturners. Work is shown in a number of Contemporary Craft Shows and exhibitions in the South East.

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