Patricia Spero and Gabor Lacko RIP FSDC

Wood Carving & Turning

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Patricia and Gabor have always been inspired and fascinated by the textural hidden depths and colours of wood. They aim to bring out the inner patterns and shapes of the once living and breathing substance and enhance them with their own designs.
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They are an artistic wood turning partnership who have been working together for 10 years. Patricia's background is as a musician, a harpist all her life, performing many recitals and writing and recording over thirty albums. Gabor was an electrical engineer, specialising in electronic instruments and power supplies, but as a hobby, he turned wood, mainly utilitarian items. Since their cooperation started however, they both turn only decorative items.

They work only in sustainable English woods and make purely decorative objects which are firstly lathe turned by hand, then carved, pierced and sometimes coloured. Their inspiration is nature, using the colours and shapes of leaves and trees throughout the seasons to express the beauty of the natural world.

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