Our Structure

We have an active and hard working council which is responsible for the administration and management of the Society's day to day business and strategic direction.

Sir Christopher Frayling


Appointed President of the SDC in 1998.

In 1979 Sir Christopher Frayling was appointed first professor of Cultural History at the Royal College of Art. In partnership with the V&A, Imperial College, the Arts Council and the Tate, he pioneered joint postgraduate courses. Knighted for services to Art and Design education in 2001 he has garnered attention for both his writing and broadcasting and has published in excess of a dozen books.


All Members of Council are Trustees of the Society

Kate Mason Associate

Chair - Appointed 2021

Adam Aaronson FSDC

Chair of the Selection Committee (Photo credit: Luke Whatley-Bigg)

Joseph Bray FSDC

Newsletter Publisher

Marshall Colman MSDC

Mentoring Programme Manager

Hazel Connors MSDC

Council Member

Michel Dembinski Associate


Kayley Holderness FSDC

Council Member

Naomi Jacques MSDC

Membership Secretary

Dan Maier FSDC

Council Member

Leon Van Heerden Associate

Council Member

Steven Wager FSDC

Council Member

Exhibitions Team

  • Hazel Connors MSDC
  • Margaret Jones MSDC

Social Media Team

  • Claudia Luque LSDC
  • Kayley Holderness FSDC
  • Lilly Reid LSDC
  • Sass Tetzlaff MSDC

Website Team

  • Dave Chelsom Associate
  • Lilly Reid LSDC

Select Members, Associates, Friends, Presidents & Chairs

Click to view our extensive lists of our current Selected Members, Associates & Friends and our Presidents and Chairs. To view the lists please click on the link(s). If you wish to contact a member you can search for their details on our Meet our Makers page, if they do not show up please contact our Membership Secretary to be put in contact.

Contacting Council

You are welcome to contact Council via our Contact Us page. Please only contact Council with regard to Council and Society matters and mark any communication for the attention of Council. For Membership questions please contact the Membership Secretary via our Contact Us page