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Metal Work

About Emily
Emily Smith is a designer-maker with an exploratory spirit. She experiments with different metals and techniques to craft wearable and decorative objects. Gathering inspiration from an amalgam of ideas intertwined with humanity, her current work revolves around taking something with negative connotations and turning it into something positive. Her hope is to encourage people to look into their own lives and start acquiring knowledge and seeking opportunities in which they can do better by other people, and themselves, alongside her, as she tries to do the same.
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Emily works from her studio in Winchester. She crafts a variety of work; from specific projects and collections to bespoke work and workshops. Emily uses a variety of techniques to create her pieces, focusing mainly on lost wax casting processes in her day-to-day practice but still very much in touch with traditional building techniques for commissions and the fixings for the aforementioned cast pieces. In addition to the thoughtful design and message behind her collections, Emily also donates a portion to a relevant and well researched charity of her choosing.

Always willing to take on a challenge, she has crafted a wide variety of work within the umbrella of 'bespoke', from tiny tools to bold recycled gold pieces.

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Coming up in 2023:

  • Handmade Oxford
  • 6 Artist Collective


  • 'Figuratively' Exhibition
  • 'Platform and Function' Exhibition
  • 'Ringleaders' Exhibition
  • 'Line, Shape, Form' Exhibition


  • Recipient of GCDC Bronze Award in Polishing
  • NAJ (National Association of Jewellery) ‘Excellence in Jewellery’ Award at BCTF
  • ‘Future of Craft’ Exhibition, Southbank, London
  • ‘Humanity’ Exhibition, Winchester
  • ‘Make Jewellery Not War’ Exhibition, Pyramid Gallery, York


  • Creates Gallery’s Emerging Artist Award, 1st Prize - 3D Category
  • Creates Gallery Exhibition, Monmouth
  • Abstract’ - Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery, London
  • Handmade Oxford Online
  • Article published in Eko Magazine
  • Cluster Crafts Exhibition, London


  • Getting Started - Goldsmiths Centre, London
  • Article published in Aballone Magazine
  • Polemos’ - Galerie Weltraum, Munich
  • Handmade Chelsea Online
  • Hand Medal Project


  • Young Designers Exhibition at the Beijing Times Art Museum, China
  • Magpie Contemporary Craft Exhibition in Farnham
  • Graduated from UCA, Farnham
  • Graduate Show at UCA, Farnham
  • New Designers, London
  • Art Waves Festival, Lewes


  • GCJM Exhibition at The Craft Study Centre
  • Recipient of The South Square Trust Silversmithing Bursary
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