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About Farah
Farah Qureshi is an ethical jewellery designer and maker of precious jewellery made in both silver and gold and is also a Fairtrade gold licencee. Commissions in Fairtrade gold will be assayed with a special Fairtrade gold hallmark. Farah has exhibited at high profile events and trade fairs both in the United Kingdom and internationally and is inspired by a variety of different sources such as botanical imagery, nature under the microscope, travels and different cultures along with found objects and museum visits. Farah produces two collections a year and also creates commissioned pieces.
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Farah Qureshi has been creating jewellery collections for a number of years and is based in West London, where she creates her pieces. Farah has a strong interest in sustainability within the jewellery industry and endeavors to work with a sustainable ethos, using as much recycled precious material as possible along with Fairtrade gold. Her collections are comprised of simple pared down shapes and forms which create elegant collections and are occasionally embellished with a sprinkling of colourful gem stones. Farah's inspirations behind the collections are broad and varied. Farah had the opportunity to design a range of brooches for a group exhibition inspired by her travels on the London underground. Farah also exhibited a collection of pieces inspired by a 1930's painting and the collection was showcased with other contemporary crafts at the Guildhall Art Gallery during a 1930's fine art show, called the Age of Elegance. Farah Qureshi sells her work both nationally and internationally.

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Farah Qureshi trained at Chelsea School of Art completing a foundation certificate in art and completed a degree in three dimensional design and metalwork at West Surrey College of Art and Design. Farah also has a teaching qualification and has experience teaching in colleges and adult education for a number of years. Farah also has a number of awards, high commendations and shortlists.

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