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Sarah makes statement jewellery from found materials such as sea-glass, driftwood, beach plastic, rusted metal and ghost-net, which she collects from local beaches and post-industrial sites in St Austell, Cornwall. She combines these with handmade elements made from eco-silver, recycled gold and brass: textured and marked to resemble natural erosion. She uses traditional techniques and well-loved hammers that leave her makers mark on the pieces she makes. She loves ancient jewellery, how it has lasted so many years, and aims for many of her pieces to look like they've just been dug up…
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Sarah loves travelling and being outside: it’s important to her that her jewellery reflects where it comes from; the components directly tether it to a physical place and consequently the wearer can be aware of that place connection every time it’s worn; an association with a holiday destination for example, or a favourite walk.

It’s a way of using jewellery as a grounding device rather than a status symbol; appreciating the beauty of the everyday. She aims to make things that are relevant and connected to normal people's lives; preciousness in the eye of the beholder.

She tries to be as sustainable as possible; using found and recycled materials means she's not supporting dangerous mines, unfair pay and child labour through her work. Her attitude is if she picked it up, dug it up, collected, polished and set it, she knows that nobody else has been exploited doing it.

Using the plastic and ghost-net dumped along local beaches means she's helping to get it out of the sea and away from marine animals who might eat it or be trapped by it. Her jewellery often gets a reaction and gets people talking about environmental issues, which is part of the intention, hopefully leading to people lobbying MPs and joining in local clean up strategies.

She believes that everyone should have the chance to enjoy the benefits of making, so offers affordable workshops for adults in her studio, which pay forward a fiver each so she can offer free workshops to local teenagers through her School of Make. She also runs a weekly free Rude Embroidery club (normally in the local pub) as a way to help lonely adults be more sociable and talk about things that are bothering them, whilst sewing swear words!

Sarah sells her collections through around 50 galleries (including Mall Galleries and @Work in London; Penwith Gallery in St Ives and Newlyn Gallery in Penzance) and shops around the UK (as well as Young British Designers website and Madebyhandonline), and in the USA, Paris and Hong Kong, as well as through her site and craft shows (when possible).

She set up Terra Mater Art group in 2019 with her abstract artist friend Karen McEndoo; they put on a group exhibition at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Penzance, in 2019 which was very successful. Sarah is really enjoying the opportunity to make art jewellery pieces and sculpture for upcoming shows at Tremenheere this year and the Royyal Cornwall Museum next February. For the Germination exhibition at Tremenheere, she's been making jewellery pieces and wall panels incorporating found rusted metal, recycled copper with vessels that allow the wearer to grow seeds and wear them: no space is too small to rewild...

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• Jewellery design/manufacture business, successfully trading for 21 years

• Shown several times at Bovey Contemporary Craft Fair; Tutton and Young, MADE; Desire Fair, Winchester and Top Drawer in London

• Art jewellery exhibitions:

Seeing the Light Yew Tree Gallery Sept 2020

Earth Matters at West Dean College 2020

Tides at Circa 21, 2019

Erosion at Tremenheere 2019

Treasure Found Farnham Pottery 2017 (solo show)

Petronilla Silver Summer show 2017

• Written 3 jewellery-making books ‘Junk-box Jewellery’, ‘Wild Jewellery’ and ‘Hair Accessories

• Written articles for ‘Making Jewellery’, ‘Wed’ magazine and ‘Cornwall Today

• Has over 50 galleries, websites and shops currently selling jewellery nationwide and in Paris, California and Hong Kong

• Teaches jewellery courses from her studio, West Dean College, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

• Runs free inclusive craft workshops: School of Make for kids and The Rude Embroidery Club for adults

• Working on Crafts Council Make Your Future project, taking craft workshops into underfunded schools in Cornwall

• Set up School of Make in 2020 to offer free craft workshops to local young people in Cornwall

• Won 2018 best jewellery shop award in Muddy Stilettos Cornwall awards

• Founder member of Makers Cornwall (1000 members) and Narrative Fair committees responsible for marketing events in St Austell and Penryn and online

• Design and making skills learnt over 30 years, to create unique jewellery collections

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