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About Antonello
Photography, Optical Illusion and Graphic Design inspire Antonello work. In his Panorama Collection Antonello use his own photos snapped while walking around the city, aiming to merge photography into jewellery and using photoetching techniques Antonello create evocative piece requiring months to complete, using extensively gemstone, textures and patinas to create a three-dimensional effect on his final design. Optical Jewellery Collection take inspiration from OpArt movement and Graphic Design, here shapes and geometric elements in sequence may create playful effect to the naked eye.
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Antonello Figlia work is inspired by geometry, optical illusions and photography.

His Geometry Collection uses graphic design manipulated to create striking optical patterns.

His Panorama Collection combines his interest in photography using pictures taken of the view from cityscape and landmarks that surround it with the aim of transforming a 2D media into a more three-dimensional piece using traditional as well as innovative techniques, thereby creating jewellery pieces unique and evocative in nature.

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Excellence (Society of Designer Craftsmen), Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester, 2-14 August

Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey, Devon, 10-12 September

Designer Crafts Showcase (Society of Designer Craftsmen), RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 2-13 November


IV Contemporary Goldsmithing Exhibition, Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid 6 Feb - 29 Mar


Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey, Devon 7-9 June 2019

Goldsmith Craft Council Award, Goldsmith Hall, London 26th February- 2 March 2019

Handmade at Kew, Royal Botanical Garden, Richmond 4-7 October 2018

The Hand of the Maker, Society of Designer Craftsmen, London 12th-21st July 2018

Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Solo Exhibition, Cwmbran, 2 June - 21 July 2018

Handmade in Britain, Oxford 17-20 May 2018

British Craft Trade Fair, Harrogate 8-10 April 2018

Getting Started, The Goldsmith Centre, London 4-10 January 2018


SHINE, The Goldsmith Centre, London 6 Nov- 20 Dec 2017

Craft Central Open Studio, London November 24-26 2017

Made By Hands, Cardiff (Wales) 3-5 November 2017

Top Drawer, London 10-12 September 2018

The Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey (Devon) 9-11 June 2017


Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen (MSDC)

Member of Guild of Jewellery Designers

Association for Contemporary Jewellery

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