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Woven Textiles

About Jan
Jan, an award winning and collectable artist, works predominately in hand woven and hand dyed art textiles. Her work is hand woven or sampled on a traditional 32 shaft dobby loom in her Nottinghamshire studio. Collections of work are based on considered themes, thoroughly researched, using sketchbooks, photography and woven sampling. Abiding inspirations are surface qualities, translucency and reflections. Although Jacquard weaving has enriched her practice since gaining an MA in Fashion and Textiles in 2016, Jan remains passionate about process and making work embedded with the makers hand.
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Jan worked as a midwife before graduating from Loughborough University in 2002 with a BA in Textile Design. She completed her MA in Fashion and Textiles in 2016, gaining a distinction and winning the Dean’s overall prize for Textiles in her year. She has maintained her own business since 2003, when she was also selected as a member of the Crafts Council two- year Next Move Scheme. Since graduating in 2002, recognition of her work has become widespread both regionally and nationally. She has been awarded Arts Council England grants and a Crafts Council award and has become a selected member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a Fellow of Design Nation. She works on a traditional loom from her studio, in Nottinghamshire, England. Jan produces intricate textiles for use in architectural and interior spaces

Jan uses combinations of silk, monofilament, metallic thread, and wool and cotton yarns when weaving the multiple layers that are her most notable trademark. She utilises heritage British yarns in her weaving, thus building sustainability into her practice. She introduces printing, dyeing and unusual objects as appropriate to the considered themes of her limited edition and one off pieces in an effort to push the boundaries of woven textiles. Her colour palette consists of soft shadowy neutral colours to create a quiet atmosphere. She is particularly interested in the nature of light, texture and surface qualities.

Jan’s inspiration is diverse. Her work would appear to have become deliberately eclectic since her more substantial Jacquard woven MA work now sits alongside the sheer, fragile hand woven textiles that are her hallmark. These styles seemingly speak of the work of two different weavers. However, Jan remains unapologetic about the diversity of her work and enthusiastically accepts these differences. She embraces a broader spectrum of work whose roots emanate from the same commitment to the uniqueness of slow textiles and the hand made. Both Jacquard and hand woven languages are similar but what makes the difference is the weaver’s intention. Jacquard weaving can be about the replication of a design by manufacturing but by using the Jacquard loom to weave a limited amount of a design or by combining further process with Jacquard loom cloth, something new is created. The MA time was highly beneficial. Learning to use the Jacquard loom opened up opportunities for lateral thinking that weren’t possible before.

Jan welcomes commissions and collaborative projects.

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05/2016 Awarded the Dean's Purchase Prize for Textiles, University of Derby

03/2016 Master of Arts, Fashion and Textiles with Distinction, University of Derby

01/2007 Arts Training Central, Practical Partnerships Scheme

10/2006 Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

04/2006 Short listed for The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Grant Award

03/2006 Selected for a Research Mission to Japan; Arts Council, Design Factory, and the Department of Trade and Industry

09/2005 Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

01/2005 Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts

02/2003 Crafts Council, Next Move Scheme

03/2001 Bradford Textile Society Competition: Commendation

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

07/2018 The Makers Hand, Society of Designer Craftsmen, Chelsea College of Art, London

06/2016 New Designers, Business Design Centre, London

05/2016 The Big Show, University of Derby

01/2016 Sympatico, Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford

06/2015 Synchronise 11, NCCD, Sleaford

10/2014 Drawing Room, (Solo Show), The University of York, York

05/2014 Drawing Room, (Solo Show), Derby Cathedral, Derby

04/2014 Weaving With Paper, The Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London

01/2014 CRAFT, Earl's Court, London

08/2013 Drawing Room, Hardwick Hall, National Trust Property, Derbyshire

06/2011 L’Atelier Gallery, Paris, France

06/2011 Future Factory Project Showcase, Nottingham Trent University

05/2011 Festival Feast, Stroud International Textiles Festival, New Brewery Arts

Centre, Cirencester

07/2010 Fusion Catmose Gallery, Oakham

07/2009 The Space Between, National Centre for Craft &Design,Sleaford

01/2009 Unwrapped, Rufford Craft Centre, Nottinghamshire

11/2008 Drella Gallery, Godalming, Surrey

10/2008 Origin, Crafts Council, Somerset House, London



09/2018 Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London

08/2018 Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London


09/2017 Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London

08/2017 Handweavers Studio & Gallery, London

09/2008-12/2008 DeMontfort University; Part Time Lecturer, Woven Textiles

10/2005-07/2006 DeMontfort University; Part Time Lecturer, Woven Textiles

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