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About Mel
Originally trained in fashion and textile design; colours and textures have always been a big part of Mel's life. Creating stained glass pieces is an extension of this and she has been making leaded and foiled pieces for more than 20 years, ever since completing a part time evening course with her dad.
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Located in the heart of England, Mel uses traditional tools, techniques and materials to design, create and restore stained glass.

Over the years she has produced a mixture of traditional and contemporary pieces including new commissions and restoration work using both copper foiling and lead came construction methods.

She particularly enjoys selecting the glass for use on each project, finding the vast array of colours and textures, from subtle to intense, completely breathtaking.

Typically her work has been made for fitting into doors and/or windows. More recently she has been experimenting with new opportunities to create standalone pieces of stained glass art.

Since first meeting him in 2017, Mel has been working collaboratively with Armando Magnino, a furniture designer and maker and Fellow of the Society.

At that time she was looking to direct her technical and creative skills in stained glass away from the usual door and window panels, towards more challenging and unusual designs.

As 'Melando' they bring together their passion for good design and fine craftsmanship to create unique pieces that bring vibrant colours and elegant shapes to your home.

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Mel regularly exhibits at maker's shows where there is the opportunity to meet her and see examples of her stained glass creations: mirrors, lamps, decorative wall panels, furniture and more. Here you can learn about the wide range of colours and textures of glass that inspire her designs and making, as well as discussing copper foiling and lead came work techniques. A great opportunity to commission a striking piece for your home!

Due to Covid-19 most exhibitions planned for 2020 have been cancelled or remain provisional. Below is a list of past exhibitions and events:

2019 - Made in Kenilworth - Kenilworth Artists, Kenilworth

2017, 2018, 2019 - Discover Gather Give, Contemporary Arts Fair, Stratford upon Avon

2017, 2018, 2109 - Made in Leamington, Leamington Spa

2019 - Celebration of Crafsmanship and Design, Cheltenham

2017, 2018, 2019 - Warwickshire Open Studios, Warwick

2018 - Handmade in Oxford, Oxford

2017 - Market Hall's Makers' Fair, Warwick Museum, Warwick

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