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Tim Armstrong’s early work examined moiré patterns, kinetic constructions and illusions of movement. He moved to printmaking to explore patterns with traditional meanings, for example Gothic manuscripts and oriental carpets. While teaching in Glasgow he participated in the movement to paint murals on gable ends, supported by the Scottish Arts Council, which led to his interest in the relationship between art and architecture. Hence his retraining in architectural stained glass in the 1990s. Currently he is writing, taking commissions for windows and working with multiple mirrors.
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While designing and painting his gable end murals in Glasgow Tim soon had to acknowledge the limited ability of art to influence events. Much public art has less influence on human behaviour than traffic signs and readside yellow lines. Neither Goya’s Disasters of War nor Otto Dix’s depictions of WW1 put a stop to atrocity. Nevertheless crafted objects are needed and loved in people’s homes. Beauty, meaning and function are essential to culture. The light from stained glass windows modifies domestic and public interiors. Glass combines ancient and contemporary materials and techniques, and mirrors enable space to become mystery.

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Born Cambridge, 1945. Trained at Cambridge School of Art, Nottingham College of Art and Design, and the Slade.

Taught in Glasgow School of Art for nine years before returning to Cambridge to lecture first in the Technical College and then at Cambridge Regional College. He has now retired to concentrate on art, glass and writing.


P.T. Marshall and G.M. Hughes; The Physiology of Mammals and Other Vertebrates; Cambridge University Press; 1965. (Illustrations)
Graham Cooper and Doug Sargent; Painting the Town; Phaidon; 1979. (Murals)
Tim Armstrong; Make Moving Patterns; Tarquin Publications; 1982. (Featured on “Take Hart” 1983 and used for I.T.V. “Marmite” commercials 1996)
Tim Armstrong; Colour Perception; Tarquin Publications; 1991.
Linda Martin; Light and Illusion; Dorling Kindersley Action Pack; 1995. (Illustrations)
In 2000 Tim completed a window for the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Stamford. The work was approved by the Arts Council and had Lottery Funding. (Featured on BBC News for Midlands East, June 1 2000 and B.B.C. Anglia T.V. June 14 2000.)

Journal Features

Graham Cooper, Outsiders, Designer, Feb. 1979 (Murals)
Natalie Flaum, Artistic License, Build It, Sept. 2018 (Stained Glass)
Alice Ryan, Tim and Paula Armstrong, Glass Artist and Tapestry Weaver, Velvet Magazine, July 2018


BA. Painting; Nottingham Collage of Art, 1967
Postgraduate diploma in Fine Art; Slade School of Fine Art, U.C.L. 1969
Postgraduate diploma in Advanced Stained Glass; Central Saint Martins School of Art, 1998
Postgraduate certificate in Glass and Architecture; Central Saint Martins School of Art, 1999.

Selected Purchasers

Bain and Company, 14 - 15 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 9PL.
I.B.A., 70 Brompton Road, London SW3.
Whitbread, Park Street West, Luton.
Citibank, 336 Strand, London WC2R 1HB.
C.S.C. U.K. Computer Sciences, Heathcoate House, 20 Savile Row, London.
U.A.E. Investment Ltd., Pitt Street, St. Helier, Jersey.
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.
Australian National University.
Manor Gallery, Royston, Herts.
Scottish Arts Council.
Van Mildert College, University of Durham.
Glasgow Corporation.
Strathclyde Regional Council, Education Department.
Sidhartha Films, 24-26 Calton Road, Edinburgh.
Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge University.
Cambridge College of Arts and Technology.
Art for Offices and International Contemporary Art, London.
Etchings International, 200 58th Street, New York 10022
Ronbie Editions Inc. 800 Trenton Road, # 228 Langhorne, P.A., 19047
Oleander Press, 17 Stansgate Avenue, Cambridge CB2 2QZ.
Sentec Ltd, Terrington House, 13-15 Hills Road, Cambridge.
Andrew Frostick Associates, Bishop Stortford.
Stamford Shakespeare Company, Tolethorpe Hall, Lincolnshire.
Department of Nanoscience, Cambridge University.
Art Projects Management Ltd., Suite 224, 28 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London SW7 3SS

Mixed and One-Man Exhibitions

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 1968, 1969.
Exhibition of East Anglian Painters, Hintlesham Festival, Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich, 1968.
Exhibition of British Kinetic Art - "Light in Movement", Bromsgrove, Birmingham, 1969.
"British Movements ‘69", Onnasch Gallery, Berlin, 1969.
John Spence and Tim Armstrong, University College, London, 1969.
Exhibition of British Art Students’ Work, Los Angeles, 1969
Tim Armstrong, Biochemical Laboratories, Cambridge University, 1969, 1971.
John Spence and Tim Armstrong, Nottingham Festival, Albany Hotel, 1971.
Cambridge Print Editions, Cowell College, UCSC, USA, 1972.
Mixed Exhibition at Ousey Design, Birmingham House, Painswick, 1972.
Paintings, Prints and Photographs, Astoria Theatre, London, 1972.
Paris Salon, 1973.
Laurence Hope and Tim Armstrong, Astoria Theatre, London, 1973.
Tim Armstrong, New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh, 1973.
Carnegie Dunfermline Festival, Art Exhibition, 1973.
Tim Armstrong, Newbery Tower, Glasgow School of Art, 1973.
Exhibition of Graphics, Glasgow Art Club, 1973.
Winter Exhibition, Glasgow Art Club, 1973.
Christian Action Exhibition, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, 1973.
Royal Cambrian Academy, 1973, 1974.
Mixed exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London: Mall Prints, 1972, 1973.
New English Art Club, 1973. Society of Graphic Artists, 1973, 1974. R.B.A., 1974, 1975.
Exhibition of Paintings, Kelvin Gallery, Glasgow, 1974.
"Five Artists", Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge, 1974.
"Kinetic Prints", Tim Armstrong, Gallery 237, Queen Mary College, London, 1974.
Bradford Print Biennale, 1974.
Glasgow League of Artists (GLA), Robertson Building, Edinburgh, 1974.
Glasgow Print Workshop Exhibitions, 1973, 1974, 1975.
Society of Scottish Artists, 1973, 1975.
Pernod Scottish Art Competition, Edinburgh, 1974, 1975.
"New Graphics", Compass Gallery, Glasgow, 1975.
"A Word About Prints", Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, 1975.
GLA, Clements Gallery, Kirkcudbright, 1975.
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Edinburgh Print Studio, Fruit Market Gallery Opening Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1975.
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Edinburgh Print Studio Travelling Exhibitions, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976.
Prints, Tim Armstrong, Van Mildert College, Durham University, 1976.
GLA, Kirkcaldy Art Gallery, 1976.
GLA, Collins Exhibition Hall, Strathclyde University, 1976.
GLA, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, 1976.
British Printmakers Council, London, New Members’ Exhibition, 1976.
Various mixed exhibitions at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976.
Glasgow Group, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, 1975, 1976, 1977.
Upper Street Gallery, London, 1974, 1977.
GLA, Aberdeen Art Gallery, 1977.
Printmakers Council, "British Prints", Rourke Gallery, Minnesota, USA, 1977.
GLA, Promenade Concert Exhibition, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, 1977.Street Art, Spectre Arts Workshop, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977.
"Eleven British Artists", Plains Art Museum, Minnesota, USA, 1977 and touring USA 1978.
Neil Morrison and Tim Armstrong, Kelly Gallery, Glasgow, 1978.
Four Artists, "Paintings and Prints", Greenock Arts Guild, 1978.
Prints and Constructions, Tim Armstrong, Pathology Laboratories, Cambridge University, 1978, 1979.
"Painting the Town", Royal College of Art Touring Exhibition, 1977/ 1978.
Cambridge Print Editions, Pye Ltd., Cambridge 1979
Royal Glasgow Institute Annual Exhibition, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1979, 1980, 1981.
Royal Scottish Academy, 1973, 1974, 1978, 1981.
"Heads or Tails", Newcastle Polytechnic Art Gallery, 1980 - 1981.
Glasgow Group Retrospective, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, 1993.
Tim Armstrong and Ros Harrison, Open Space, Country Centre, Cambridge, 1996.
Exhibitions of Stained Glass, Cochrane Theatre Gallery, London, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.
"Light, Colour, Action", Stained Glass and Dance, Eger Architects, Camberwell Arts Festival, London, 1998.
Cambridge City Library ,1999
Heffers Art and Architecture, 1999.
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Exhibition at Meltz Bar, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, 2000; with Paula Selman.
Light, Time and Matter, Conservatory Gallery, Cambridge, 2000
"It’s Your Turn", Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge, 2000
Cambridge University Bookshop, 2000
Newmarket Tourist Centre, 2000
Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge, 2001
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Glass and Prints by Tim Armstrong, Clare Hall Gallery, Cambridge University, 2006
Christmas Exhibition, Cambridge Galleries, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4LT, 2007
Essex Craft Society, Braintree Museum, Town Hall Centre Gallery, Essex CM7 3YG, 2008
Essex Craft Society, Braintree Museum, Town Hall Centre Gallery, Essex CM7 3YG, 2008
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Impossible Art, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford, 2009-10
The Essex Craft Society at the Essex Art and Design Show, Cressing Temple Barns, 2010
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