Joe Szabo MSDC

Glass Making & Stained Glass

About Joe
Joe creates 2D and 3D contemporary glass art in his studio in Buckland, Surrey.
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Joe loves sharp contrasts and enjoys stepping away from glass as the primary medium combining it with other media, such as metal and ceramic.

The sea, especially where the water runs into land, is an important source of inspiration for him. He also likes to make pieces that have a historic or art based theme. Joe is fascinated by eyes: we always look into someone else’s, and, every now and again, into our own eyes.

In his glasswork, Joe uses leaded glass and copper foil techniques. He usually combines glass and ceramic as the latter has a different texture from that of the glass surface and can add depth to works. He uses clay to make elements that he cannot make from glass, so that there is much more movement in his pieces.

For his sculptures, he bends and welds the mild steel metal frames and then inserts stained glass panels in them. He often works with lead sheets, too, using them both as elements of mixed media pieces and as the primary medium in others.

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Glass painting and stained glass making, Trivium College of Further Education, Gyongyos, Hungary 2002

Joe is a member of and has been exhibiting with the Oxford Sculptors Group (2017), Society of Designer Craftsmen (2014), Surrey Sculpture Society (2013), Contemporary Glass Society (2010) and Surrey Artists Open Studios (2010).

Based on the votes of the public visiting open studios in Surrey, Joe has been invited to take part in the Surrey Artist of the Year exhibition five times (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2018). He came third in 2010 and was the runner up in 2014.

For a list of exhibitions, please go to Joe's website: Click on Events to see past and upcoming exhibitions.

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