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Sean Evelegh is a young up-and-coming fine woodworker, based in Kent. His passion for creating beautiful wooden furniture embraces the whole process, from milling up the tree, to applying the final coat of finish. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities of different wood species and always looks to incorporate the natural beauty of the wood in his designs. Sean is a perfectionist who devotes as much time to the unseen parts of the piece as to the seen. He would describe himself as a creator of modern pieces, informed by traditional methods, but always looking to push the boundaries.
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Sean’s creativity and passion for making things was evident from childhood. His early materials were paper, cardboard and Sellotape and his first tool of choice, a pair of scissors.

Sean’s first introduction to woodwork came in a design technology (DT) class, when he started at secondary school, aged eleven. Inspired by his teacher, woodwork quickly became his passion and he won a DT scholarship when he was thirteen and several prizes for his craftsmanship during his time at school.

At the age of 16, he requisitioned his parent’s garage to create his own workshop, saving up for his first tools, which were a jigsaw and chop saw. Shortly afterwards, he set up YouTube and Instagram channels to display his work and craftsmanship. These channels quickly gained many thousands of subscribers, who have followed his woodworking journey ever since. The ‘garage’ has since developed into a fully equipped workshop, allowing Sean to create sophisticated pieces. To date, these include a coopered hallway table (inspired by the city of Oxford), his ‘Norman’ chair (named in honour of his DT teacher, and using bent lamination as the principal process) and a segmented ‘maze-effect’ vase.

After his ‘A’ levels, Sean did a foundation degree in furniture design and making at Rycotewood Furniture Centre, leaving in 2020 with a distinction.

Since then, he has embarked on his furniture-making career proper, focusing on creating high-end fine furniture pieces. Sean’s other interests include acting in drama groups, playing tennis and talking/teaching at woodworking events.

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  • 2020 Contestant on 'The Chop - Britain's Top Woodwork' (History Channel)
  • 2018-2020 Rycotewood Furniture Centre, foundation degree, Furniture: Design and Make
  • 2017 Winner of The Colum McNally Cheeky Potato Award (part of The Big Bang competition, for young scientists and engineers, at the NEC, Birmingham)2011 Drama scholarship, Bethany School
  • 2017 Finalist in Young Furniture Makers Awards London
  • 2016 Finalist in Young Furniture Makers Awards London
  • 2016 Launched YouTube and Instagram channels
  • 2016 DT scholarship, Bethany School
  • 2013 Art scholarship, Bethany School
  • 2011 Drama scholarship, Bethany School
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