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About Henrietta
Henrietta MacPhee is a ceramic artist whose work stems from exploring the exotic. She models and carves the clay by hand, painting with slips and glazes to achieve bright surfaces that are rich, diverse and tangible. Through a fresh child-like perspective of the world, she portrays social scenes of poetic tenderness and humour.
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Henrietta MacPhee is a British ceramic artist (b.1985, London). She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art and Ceramics from CityLit in 2017. She works on commissions and self-directed projects from her in studio in Tulse Hill, London. Early in 2018 she was awarded a residency in Shanghai, China where she had the opportunity to produce pieces on a large scale, combining painting and ceramics.

Henrietta is influenced by the playful elements she finds in her own observations, looking at the world from unusual perspectives to reveal amazing things that often go unnoticed. Her pieces are sculptural and figurative. Each playfully tells a story representing an innocent yet thought provoking relationship with its material form.

Modelling by hand and painting on the clay she creates a language that blends the visual and tangible to create entertaining illusions and a sense of mystery that traverses the border between 2D and 3D. She has also developed a method of painting like watercolour onto bisque-ware using slips and glazes to produce colourful and evocative surfaces.

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2015-2017 Diploma in Ceramics, City Lit, Holborn
2008-2009 Art Foundation, Camberwell College of Art, London
2004-2007 BA Classical Studies, Kings College London


Tactile Minds, House Mill Gallery, London, 18-23 Sept 2018
artsdepot Open 2018, Apthorp Gallery, London, 26 July - 1 Sept 2018


Life in the Deep Blue: Creation out of Rawness, Studio 73, London, 6 July - 2 Aug 2018
Reflection, Little Buckland Gallery, Worcestershire, 8-17 June 2018
The Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, 18 May-19 Aug 2018
RBA Rising Stars, The Framers Gallery, London, 13-17 March 2018
London Potters Members Show, Morley Gallery, London, Nov-Dec 2017
City Lit Ceramics Diploma Show, Candid Arts, London, 5-8 July 2017
New Designers, Business Design Centre, London, June-July 2017

Awards & Residencies

The Eaton Fund, 2018
Untitled Space Artist in Residence, Shanghai, March-April, 2018
Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Visual Arts Award, 2017

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