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About Robin
Passionate about wild landscape and plants, Robin’s ceramic work is inspired by her natural surroundings or designed to integrate with plants. Her work ranges from small garden sculptures and tile panels to jewellery and small vessels. She uses clay in a playful fashion to create ceramic forms and vessels to reflect the wilderness of the landscape, using torn and textured clay. This gives her hand-built forms and panels a rugged naturalistic finish which are then painted in a pallet of soft colours reflecting historical imprint and light quality of the landscapes.
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Robin uses a variety of different clays to create her work, including stoneware and porcelain clays. The colours she uses are built up in layers using coloured slips and underglaze pigments to create a painterly finish.

Her garden ceramics, created to integrate with or contain plants, are sculptural vessels rising above the planting in the garden and providing structure in the winter when the foliage dies back. Plant containers based on rocky formations and rock pools display collections of miniature succulent plants.

Recently Robin has been combining her love of fabrics with her ceramics to create a series of landscapes pictures inspired by shoreline landscapes. Visits to Orkney & North West Scottish coast & the Orkney Isles have inspired a series of panels exploring a combination of fabric and ceramic collage to evoke the extraordinary light quality of our northernmost sea-shores.

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  • 1967-71 Loughborough College of Art. 3D Design degree
  • 1971-72 Leicester Polytechnic. Art Teachers Diploma
  • 2010 Community Arts Professional Development OCN
  • 1996 Founder Member Clayworks
  • 2009 Founder member of Visual Arts Forum

Since leaving university Robin has exhibited widely and produced many commissioned works. She became involved in community arts from 1996 when she established the charity, Escape Community Arts, using the creative Arts to support health & well-being in the community. She commissioned many local artists over the next 20 years to develop exciting community programmes for members of the community and delivered a series of high profile community programmes across Warwickshire over this period. Designing programmes for people of all ages and abilities to create public art including. Marsh Nature Reserve and ‘Warwick Millennium Tile Project 2000’, working with school children in 10 schools in Warwick to design and create tiles for the Town Centre.

From 1996 she continued create her own work and was instrumental in establishing several cooperative ventures in the Midlands where she sold her work.

  • Founder Member ‘Clayworks’ in Worcester with Midland Potters and ‘The Saturday Gallery’ in Stratford upon Avon.
  • Member of ‘Potters; in Bristol.
  • Member of the Gallery at the Guild in Chipping Campden from 2002 where she has been exhibiting annually and started to exhibit in her Studio & Garden every year as part of Warwickshire Open Studio’s.
  • Founder member Courtyard Artists Warwickshire C.I.C and manager of the Courtyard Gallery, a local artist venture, near her home in Stratford upon Avon.


  • 1975 Bristol Arts Centre, Ruskin Gallery, Southampton
  • Elizabethan Fair, Stratford upon Avon
  • 1976 Studio 18, St Helier, Jersey
  • 1977 Ibis Gallery, Leamington
  • 1982 Portfolio Four, Linlithgow
  • Angora, Wendover
  • 1984 Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr
  • 1985 Southhill Park, Bracknell
  • 1987 Art in Action, Waterperry
  • Cedar Farm Gallery, Lancs
  • 1988 Blackheath Gallery,SE1
  • 1992 No 30 Gallery, Lichfield
  • 1994 MPA exhibitions at Avoncroft & Frank Haines Studio.
  • Birmingham Society of Artists with MPA
  • 1996 Bayard Gallery Nottingham
  • Cedar Farm Gallery, Lancs
  • Throstle Nest Gallery, Halifax
  • 1997 Surry Guild of Craftsmen Gallery
  • 1998 Bonhoga Gallery, Shetlands
  • Judith Glue Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Chase Gallery, Cornwall
  • 2002 Coxes Yard Gallery Stratford
  • Stratford Gallery – Word of Mouth
  • 2003 Clay Garden’s Exhibition - Dudfield’s Garden Nursery
  • 2004 Stratford Library – Warwickshire Arts Week
  • Artists Reflections Exhibition – Dudfield’s Garden Nursery
  • Torquil Gallery Henley in Arden
  • Beetroot Tree, Draycott, Derbyshire
  • Jinny Ring, Hanbury
  • 2006 Stratford Shakespeare Centre Warwickshire Art week
  • Jinny Ring Ceramics for the Garden
  • Neep Shed & Bothy - NEOS


  • 1972 Garden Panel. Trees & landscape. R&D Hewlet.
  • 1973 Panel for Dentists Surgery.
  • Silver Wedding Tabletop tiles
  • 1974 Panel / table, Radbrook Manor
  • 1975 Panel & table centre piece, Chaucer's Franklins Tale
  • Table centre based on formal garden .Jersey.
  • Three peice, Cheese, butter & biscuit containers based on farm buildings. Gurnsey
  • 1987 Panel for kitchen, Window & jelly moulds.
  • Panel, Window with Yorkshire landscape.
  • 1988 Fruit column for conservatory.
  • 1989 Panel behind Ag. Teapots ,jugs & fruit. Cedar Farm , Lancs.
  • 1990 French farmhouse panel with onions.
  • 1992 St Augustins chuch. Birmingham
  • Picnic panel for ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
  • 1993 Bedales kitchen; Garden & House.Sussex
  • Sedgemere panel & tiles; Lake. Kenilworth.
  • 1994 Fish panel for Bathroom.
  • Panel with Cat. Leamington.
  • 1995 Bedales panel Sussex.
  • Patchwork Persian tulip tile.. Snitterfield.
  • 1998 Impressed lace tiles & sinks bathroom furniture for Biras Creek Hotel, Virgin Isles
  • 2001 Brailes Village Hall Tile Panel
  • 2006 Arts & Business awards Commission
  • 2011 Warwick Market Museum Artist in Residence

Community Art Projects

  • 1994 - 1999 Workshops for the Forest of Arden Festival throughout
  • South Warwickshire with Emma Falcke
  • Raku Roadshow visiting schools with Emma Falcke
  • 1995 Nuneaton Infant School Project.
  • 1996 Bedworth School Project
  • 1997 Worcester Lychgate project with Emma Falcke
  • Shottery Grammer School,Stratford
  • 1998 Haselor Community Project
  • Brandon Marsh Tile project.
  • 1999 Brandon Marsh Mural
  • Nathanial Newton Junior School , Nuneaton
  • St Paul’s Junior School, Nuneaton
  • 1999 - 2000 Warwick Schools Millennium project
  • 2000 Abbey Infants, Nuneaton
  • Lambert School Stratford
  • 2000 Emscote Day Centre Sensory garden Project
  • 2001 Greenway Centre Sculpture Project
  • Croft School Tile panel
  • Emscote Centre Sensory Garden
  • 2002 Freeway Centre - Nuneaton
  • Braughton Park - Warwickshire Wildlife
  • St Johns Museum – Warwick
  • 2003 Welcomb Hills Project with Escape: Community Art in Action
  • Studley Infants - Insects & amazing flower tiles
  • 2004 Impact project with Bedworth School
  • Snitterfield School Project
  • Alcester Opportunities wall panel
  • 2005 Bracebridge house working with elderly to make work for their garden.
  • Snitterfield School Tile panel
  • Alcester Opportunities community tile panel
  • Stratford Gallery Collaborative project with Louisa Turner and Frances Carroll
  • 2006 Studley Infants- Wildlife tiles
  • Arnold Lodge – Sea Land & Sky tiles
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