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Leslie Parrott makes bowls, vases, teapots, mugs, butter dishes, jugs in porcelain and stoneware. They are sold via galleries, craft fairs, commissions and exhibitions - see www.lesparrott.me.uk for Venues. Many of the pots are wheel-thrown but some are hand built. They are often textured and impressed to induce variations of glaze thickness and hence colour. Glazes are proportioned using a wide range of fluxes and oxides and clay bodies are often blended to match a particular glaze - for Methods and Images please see Leslie Parrott's website.
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Leslie read Civil engineering first at City University and then at Kings College, London University. After two years as a Patent Examiner, he researched materials in the construction industry and at various Universities before working for the cement industry. During this time ceramics was a recreational activity . In 2003 Leslie changed direction, built a studio and gas kiln and started to make porcelain and stoneware pots full-time. He is a member of West Forest Potters, The Dacorum and Chilterns Potters Guild, London Potters, The Society for Designer Craftsmen, The Oriental Ceramic Society, Hillingdon Artists , Studio Pottery and the Craft Potters Association for practical advice, demonstrations by other makers, publicity, feedback on venues and an extended social network.

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Researched materials science and technology at various universities and in the cement and concrete sector publishing about 150 peer-reviewed publications, which provided a useful start for building a studio and kiln and exploring the science and the technology of making ceramics. Leslie's aesthetic influences started with Song dynasty ceramics and continued with interests in Ruskin-ware and other studio pottery.

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