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Marshall Colman designs and makes tableware, which challenges him to create things that are useful and practical but with the beauty and natural variability of the hand made. Shapes are thrown on the wheel, handles are extruded through specially made dies and applied by hand and glazes are formulated to be food-safe, craze-free, microwave and dishwasher proof. He is interested in the place where the studio and the factory meet and is inspired by the modernism of Lucie Rie, Keith Murray and Susie Cooper.
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Marshall became interested in ceramics when he was a student at Keele University, near the North Staffordshire Potteries, and trained with Judith Partridge at the Rodmell Pottery after graduating. He took a break from professional making to work in public administration, then studied on the Harrow ceramic course and returned to full-time making in 2009. He is also a writer and curator.

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1946 - Born

1968 - BA (Hons) History and Politics, Keele University

1971-2 - Worked with Judith Partridge, Rodmell Pottery

1973-2006 - Worked in public administration

1997-2006 - Head of Economic Development, Welwyn Hatfield Council

2009 - BA (Hons) Ceramics, Harrow, University of Westminster

2009 to present - Studio in St Albans

2013 - Winner of the St Albans Museums Trust Prize

2017- Winner of the London Potters Judges Award

His work is featured in: Maiolica, Daphne Carnegy (2011); Contemporary Tableware, Linda Bloomfield (2013); and Surface Decoration, Kevin Millward (2016).

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