Dawn Thorne FSDC

Stitched & Constructed Textiles

About Dawn
Dawn's work explores transparency and illusion, the imagined or reality and perception of the occupation of time and space. Within Dawn's process, print, weave, and stitched textiles are brought together in combination with Acrylic sheet, which is often screen printed and etched. Smaller stitched textiles pieces, support larger scaled interior works. Dawn will respond to commissions and actively engage with research to develop site specific works. Dawn is the Co-Founder and Director of WSTA - Windsor School of Textile Art, and runs courses and workshops in Textiles and Textile Design.
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Dawn is fascinated by illusion and the perception of what is seen by the viewer and how a viewer engages and responds to the visual. As a tutor in textile and design processes, her skills allow her to express her ideas, using, printed, woven and stitched methods and combine with other materials that explore transparency and illusion.

Dawn graduated with an MA/Textiles Degree at Farnham UCA, in 2019.

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MA/Textiles - Farnham UCA - 2019

BA(Hons) in Creative Arts / Textiles - UCA - 2015

H/E Diploma in Stitched Textiles - East Berkshire College 2001 - 2004

City & Guilds Certificate & Diploma - East Berkshire College 1997 - 2001

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