Samantha Harvey MSDC

Stitched & Constructed Textiles

About Samantha
Informed by drawing, playing and experimenting, Sam makes sculptures, drawings and collages inspired by the world around her, especially the colours, movement and diverse quirkiness of the fragile gardens of the sea. Sam's practice is centred around the tactile process of manipulating and stitching into a variety of media; juxtaposing and layering contrasting textures. She is compelled to collect, combine and work into diverse materials – from as rusty bolts to sumptuous silks – especially when they have been discarded as ‘rubbish’.
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Each of Sam’s unique pieces usually starts with looking and drawing but, as the chosen media is manipulated and stitches are added, the individual personality of each piece emerges.

Sam's environment is a vital part of her practice. As an Australian living in land-locked London nostalgia for the coast is apparent in her work. Sea Urchins and Sea Dragons are regularly featured as she explores their form, pattern, movement and susceptibility to environmental change using recycled and waste materials.

Recently Sam has been experimenting with steel: manipulating this rigid medium is challenging her to reconsider her process and to create a different body of work.

Sam is passionate about spreading her love of making and creating, particularly to children and those who need to reconnect with their haptic sense and creativity. This is pursued as a wellbeing artist/practitioner and with her own Stitch Club.

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Sam makes sculptures, drawings and collages, predominantly by stitching and manipulating mixed media. She also teaches children and, less frequently, adults how to develop and create their ideas usually, but not always, using stitch.


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Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Art Room Practice, Bath Spa University, 2015

HE Diploma Stitched Textiles with distinction, East Berkshire College, Windsor, validated by Bucks New University, 2006-09.

Foundation in Art and Design with distinction, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, 2005/06

City and Guilds Certificate in Machine Embroidery, 2004/05

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Geography, sub-majors in English Literature and History of Art, University of Melbourne, 1983-1987


Society of Designer Craftsmen, Member — www.societyofdesignercraftsmen...

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