Geraldine Festenstein MSDC

Stitched & Constructed Textiles

About Geraldine
Geraldine is a textile artist who works in a range of techniques, including hand and machine stitch, wrapping and tapestry weaving. The processes of deconstruction, reconstruction and recycling feature in her work.The discovery of connections between previous experiments, leftovers and offcuts is very exciting. Her work is frequently object driven and residual marks removed from their old contexts may enhance the new piece. During lockdown she hand stitched a series of family portraits from photographs and worked on a collection of sumptuously attired wire dolls.
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Geraldine worked from photographs on a series of handstitched portraits of family members during lockdown. Pieces may be object driven.The backgrounds came from recycled fabrics. The processes of deconstruction, reconstruction and recycling have featured in Geraldine's work. The discovery of connections between previous sampling, experiments, leftovers and discarded offcuts is very exciting. Connecting aspects of previous work that chime with the emerging piece allows for the meeting up of residual marks but in a different context. Tiny pieces of 'old' work, letters, a stitch or even a section of work takes on a new life in a different home at a different time. The emerging work frequently travels both backwards and forwards, thus highlighting new paths ahead. Recently she completed a series of wire dolls dressed in leftovers of silk, satin, chiffon and velvet.

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Relevant Professional Qualifications

2016 MSDC Society of Designer Craftsmen

2005 BA (Hons) Embroidered Textiles Opus School of Textile Art (Middlesex University)

1990 Diploma City and Guilds Constructed Textiles London School of Furniture


2000 - 2004 Tutor City and Guilds Embroidery (Part 1)


2017 PRISM Hoxton Arches London

PRISM RBSA Birmingham

2016 PRISM Knitting and Stitching Show: London, Harrogate and Dublin

2015 Quintus Oxmarket Galleries Chichester

2014 PRISM Mall Galleries London

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