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About Emma
Emma Rosa is a multi-disciplinary textile artist creating botanical sculptures from manipulated fabric and thread, capturing the essence of a plant with intricate observational detailing.
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With a keen observation of nature, Emma Rosa uses multi-disciplinary techniques to create botanical sculpture with fabric and thread.

Marrying machine embroidery onto reclaimed silk and soluble materials with traditional Japanese flower making techniques, she creates intricate botanical studies, often focusing on wild flora, or detailing certain stages of a plant life, for example the end or ‘dying’ phase. Every element is important, not just the flower that most regard as the focus of beauty. She aims to capture the essence of a plant, while maintaining the botanical accuracy that makes a plant piece recognisable.

Finished pieces are often set in salvaged glass specimen domes, vintage bottles, or science equipment.

Nestled in the heart of rural Devon, the turning of the seasons, conservation and folklore are the threads that weave through her work. Through researching plant subjects to observe, it has highlighted how many of our native species have died out in the last 50 years, and with that, many of their traditions and uses that were once commonplace in our everyday lives.

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Exhibitions include:

  • ‘Winter Exhibition’ 2023/2024– Thrown Contemporary, London
  • Summer Open Exhibition 2023 - Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton
  • Society of Botanical Artists ‘Plantae’ 2023 – The Mall Galleries, London. 'Passiflora' was shortlisted for the 'Making a Mark' award.
  • ‘Shock of the New’ 2023 - Unit 12 Gallery, Stafford

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