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Angela Dewar is a professional textile artist and teacher, specialising in the creation of embroideries. Her wide ranging work includes wall hangings, pictures, vestments and soft furnishings for churches e.g Truro Cathedral, St Margarets Church, Westminister; and other public buildings, including the University of Kent and Central Hall Westminister. Residences include K.E.C and the National Trust. She is the author and co-author of five books about embroidery.
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The Arts have been an important part of Angela's life from childhood. Her early career was in theatre. Today, her love of classical music, poetry and landscape are key influences in her work. Painters such as John Piper and the Neo Romantics are among her favourite artists. She is also constantly inspired by her travel experiences, especially in Italy.

Having specialised for many years as a machine embroiderer, she is now enjoying a return to hand stitching on her own handmade felt. Mystery and Symbolism are key concepts that run throughout her work.

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BA Hons. History and Philsophy of Art

Pfaff UK Ltd 1992/3 and 1999/2000

Design prize for Truro Cathedral festal frontal 1991

Coats Travel Bursary 1987

Adult Education classes throughout the South East of England

The Royal School of Needlework

The Embroiderers’ Guild

The University of Kent, with the National Trust

The National Federation of Womens’ Institutes

Private groups

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