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About Habibe
The fashion designer, Habibe Acikgoz is based in the UK and specialises in creating stylish and comfortable pieces consisting of clothes made from pure natural fabrics. With over 30 years of experience, she caters to women who can appreciate originality and uniqueness while providing practical, everyday-wear clothing. Habibe handmakes all of her quality garments, ensuring that they are suitable for a variety of different body shapes and sizes. With a wide range of designs for various occasions, Habibe's customers are able to express and communicate their individuality through her pieces.
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Habibe Acikgoz has gathered some of the inspiration for her garments from the Ottoman Empire where she was interested in the pleating and gathering style in their clothing. She incorporates these styles in her pieces as well as designing them to a loose, modest fitting.

Habibe takes pride in creating clothing that is all inclusive and also tailoring to plus sized women. Habibe enjoys including pockets in her pieces and using natural fabrics/materials such as linen and silk as it is important to her that her clothing is breathable and kind to the skin.

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  • Graduated from Tailoring High School in Turkey.
  • The author of "Bold and Beautiful" which showcases 15 of her own unique and original pattern designs.
  • Worked in a Textile Factory as a pattern cutter in Istanbul, Turkey.
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