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About Sabine
Sabine (Jatz) Mowbray is a mixed media artist based in West Wales, who combines her background in costume design with the art of free form machine embroidery on print, plastics, wool, and any other items that people may consider junk to create one of a kind textiles and wearable art.
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Although having worked extensively behind the scenes as a costume designer for the last few years, Jatz's passion has always been for free form embroidery. Working on her faithful Irish machine affectionately named Doris, and combining Cornely embroidery and embellishment, Jatz transforms discarded materials into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are inspired by the vibrant hues found in nature, each creation encapsulating the rich colours of the region's flora and fauna.

Specialising in re-purposing wool blankets and utilising waste knits, bubble wrap, and felting, Jatz creates distinctive textiles and coats; preferring to view the shape of the garment as a canvas for her artwork as opposed to her embroidery being an added embellishment. By integrating felted, regionally produced wool into the fabric of her designs and embracing a hands-on approach through hand dyeing, she creates vibrant, textured fabrics, infusing each piece with a unique Welsh essence and a sustainable ethos.

Jatz also produces wall hangings, bags, and lamps, with every stitch and detail reflecting her dedication to sustainability, as well as an imaginative approach to recycling and up-cycling.

The resulting artworks exude a quirky essence, offering a blend of functionality and artistic expression.

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  • Foundation Art & Design
  • O.N.D Fashion Design
  • H.N.D Fashion Design. London College of Fashion.
  • B.A Multi Disciplinary Art & Design. Carmarthen College of Art.


  • Bike Art. The Gas Hall Birmingham. 1994.
  • Climate Changed. Aberystwyth University. 2022.
  • Artist in Residence Exhibition. Carmarthen College of Art. 2023.
  • New Designers. 2023.


  • Theatre Wales Award 2018. Best Set Design and/or Costume.


  • Theatr Felinfach. Costume Designer & Wardrobe Mistress.
  • Freelance costume and textile designer and embroiderer.
  • Arad Goch Theatre Company.
  • Stolen Thread Theatre Company.
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